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Since 2000, Jasper van Staveren (1976) harldy could be separated from his camera. His dedication for sailing and travelling around the world seemed to be a perfect combination to develop various photography skills. In 2002 he got his Bachelor's Degree in Communication Management and started his own business combining photography and (marketing) communication.

The combination of professional photography and (marketing) communication seemed to be the 'perfect match'. While he's on the water he not only catches the action on his cameras, but also keeps an eye on what's happening. Back onshore again he writes daily press releases and sends them out, accompanied with the best action shots he took that day. Also sponsor interests are taken into account, their logos will also be visible on the photos and broadcasted with press releases and published on social media.

Jasper van Staveren is living in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and is located close to Schiphol Airport. This makes it very easy to travel to any destination worldwide 'in no time'.